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*only served in taproom

Hopper Car - Hopfenweisse

Hopfenweisse, first brewed in collaboration between a US craft brewery and German wheat beer brewery, is a Weizenbock (strong German wheat ale) heavily hopped with classic American hop varieties. Our Hopfenweisse is exactly that with classic German malts and an American blend of hops known as Falconer's Flight 7C's.


7.4% alc./vol.// 40 IBU

Ensign - English IPA

This traditional style beer sits on a malty base of biscuit and caramel with a good dose of East Kent Golding and Fuggles giving this IPA a kick of floral, spicy, minty and grassy hop profile.


6.5% alc./vol.// 55 IBU

Sparrow - Roggenbier

Roggenbier, which literally translates to 'rye beer', is rooted deep in German brewing history. This historic style was enjoyed many centuries ago and typically has grainy and spicy flavour characteristics from using at least 50 percent malted rye, low hop bitterness and classic weizen yeast characteristics of clove, bubblegum and vanilla. This is our take on a German classic!


5.9% alc./vol.// 15 IBU