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12.29 - Imperial Chocolate Porter

This year's 12.29 is an Imperial Chocolate Porter. We used malted barley, malted rye (surprise surprise), and cacao nibs for a robust body. Bittering hops balance out the richness or the malt and a tiny bit of vanilla for kicks.


9.0% alc./vol.// 40 IBU

Ensign - English IPA

This traditional style beer sits on a malty base of biscuit and caramel with a good dose of Fuggle hops giving this IPA a kick of floral, spice, mint and grass hop profile. 


6.5% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Support Your Local Brewery - Rye IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Support The Locals.

This brew is the stronger older sibling to our 137 - Rye Pale Ale. This beer is light bodied and dry, with a hint of spice from the rye malt. Hopped with Motueka so expect piney bitterness up front with notes of tropical fruit and citrus on the back end.


6.0% alc./vol.// 55 IBU

Algonquin Straat - Belgian Pale Ale

This beer highlights the common malt and hop flavours often attributed to this style at a higher than average intensity relative to others in the style while the yeast-derived flavours play a secondary role in it's overall profile. You will find a quite flavourful malt forward body driven by Special Aromatic and Caramel Munich while balanced with a generous hopping of Celeia


5.3% alc./vol.// 25 IBU

Devil's Desert - Imperial Red

A simple but delicious American Northwest-inspired Red Ale. This beer is brewed with Red X malt for a solid, malty base and American Centennial hops for that classic Northwest-style hoppy kick.


7.5% alc./vol.// 55 IBU

Over The Falls - New Zealand Pilsner

Over The Falls is our take on the New Zealand Pilsner. This beer leans towards a clean, crisp and hoppy German Pils and away from its malty and complex Czech counterpart. Brewed with Canadian Pilsen malt and New Zealand's Motueka hop, expect a clean fermentation profile with a medium-bodied bready and cracker-like malty base with a smooth bitterness and a bold, zesty hop profile reminiscent of tropical fruits, lemon and lime.


5.2% alc./vol.// 25 IBU

Lookout #3 - IPA

This American-style IPA is our outlet for exploring hop combinations from around the world. Each iteration will feature a different hop combination from one hop producing country. Each batch will be different. You will find this beer available on both pilot scale and production scale with anything from single-hopped iterations to complex hop blends but only from varieties originating from the same country.

#3 US hopped - Azacca


6.5% alc./vol.// 65 IBU

Twiggs Fire Tower - Coffee Dark Mild (Cans Only)

This was brewed in partnership with our local coffee roaster Twiggs Coffee Roasters! It is our Fire Tower - English Dark Mild conditioned with fresh roasted Twiggs House Blend coffee. A full flavoured, low-alcohol English Ale. This beer is easy drinking with hints of caramel, chocolate and Twiggs coffee! 


3.4% alc./vol.// 15 IBU

Hose Tower - English Pale Mild

This English Pale Mild is toasty with a slight touch of caramel sweetness. The low abv and low hop bitterness make this a perfect session beer.


3.3% alc./vol.// 15 IBU





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