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Electric North - APA

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Emm Gryner and Sean Kelly who’s band Trapper are also releasing an EP titled ‘Songs From The Electric North’!


Our American Pale Ale was brewed with experimental hop HBC-630. HBC 630 is complex and fruity, with Sweet Fruits and Berries like Raspberry and Cherry, along with sweet candy-like esters and lactones giving creamy notes of peach and banana.


5.2% alc./vol. // 40 IBU

Over The Falls - New Zealand Pilsner

Over The Falls is our take on the New Zealand Pilsner. This beer leans towards a clean, crisp and hoppy German Pils and away from its malty and complex Czech counterpart. Brewed with Canadian Pilsen malt and New Zealand's Motueka hop, expect a clean fermentation profile with a medium-bodied bready and cracker-like malty base with a smooth bitterness and a bold, zesty hop profile reminiscent of tropical fruits, lemon and lime.


5.2% alc./vol. // 25 IBU

Lookout - IPA

This American-style IPA is our outlet for exploring hop combinations from around the world. Each iteration will feature a different hop combination from one hop producing country. Each batch will be different. You will find this beer available on both pilot scale and production scale with anything from single-hopped iterations to complex hop blends but only from varieties originating from the same country.

#3 US hopped - Azacca


6.5% alc./vol. // 65 IBU

Twiggs Fire Tower - Coffee Dark Mild

This English Dark Mild beer is conditioned with fresh roasted house blend coffee from Twiggs Coffee Roasters in North Bay. Expect a strong coffee flavour and aroma up front with a nice caramel hit on the back end. 


3.4% alc./vol. // 15 IBU

Double Super Jackpot - Vienna Pils

This beer has the robust body you’d expect from a Vienna lager with a nice balanced hop kick.


4.8% alc./vol. // 30 IBU

12.29 DB.png
12.29 - Doppelbock

This brew is our anniversary beer as we opened December 29, 2018. This brew has a massive caramel flavour with a soft roasty finish.


7.8% alc./vol. // 25 IBU

Solid Hack - Premium Lager

Solid Hack is our take on the Standard/Premium Lager. This beer is brewed with Canadian Pilsen malt, as well as, flaked corn and flaked rice to create a light bodied yet flavourful lager. We chose a slightly fruitier lager yeast strain than our house strain to mimic that classic North American Lager taste.


5.0% alc./vol. // 15 IBU