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The Cove - Saison 45

We call this beer a Saison 45 as a tribute to Belgian brewing and best represent our intent. Many Belgian breweries include a number in the name of their beer which represents the strength of the wort prepared prior to fermentation. '45' refers to the strength of our wort we have prepared in specific gravity units (1.045). Saison 45 has a simple yet flavour malt profile containing barley, wheat, rye and oats and has been minimally hopped to showcase the flavour profile of the saison yeast strain used. In

this iteration, we have used Escarpment Laboratories' very own Jotunn Saison strain. Jotunn was developed by breeding a Saison strain with a Norwegian Kveik strain to create a unique saison-type flavour profile with pleasant fruitiness with a bit of spice.

as a healthy dose of Triticale for a silky texture and a peppery finish. Add in a hint of smoked grain and some White Labs yeast and you have a very approachable, yet complex beer.


5.1% alc./vol. // 20 IBU

St. Regis Hotel - West Coast Pale Ale

This West Coast Pale Ale was brewed with Yakima Chief - Cryo Ekuanot Hop from our friends at Brew Culture. This hop has intense and unique fruity and citrus notes including melon, berry, citrus, lime, apple and papaya.


5.2% alc./vol. // 40 IBU

Dysfunctional Mall - Rye Pilsner

We took the grain bill from our famous 626 German-style Pils and added a few bags of malted rye to give the body a bit of a spicy kick. Then we dry-hopped it with Hallertau Mittlefruh, a classic noble German hop, which adds delicate herbal and light citrus notes. The result is an easy-drinking clean lager with a bit more complexity than a classic pilsner. The dysfunction functions! 


5.6% alc./vol. // 30 IBU