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12.29 - Imperial Chocolate Porter

This year's 12.29 is an Imperial Chocolate Porter. We used malted barley, malted rye (surprise surprise), and cacao nibs for a robust body. Bittering hops balance out the richness or the malt and a tiny bit of vanilla for kicks.


9.0% alc./vol. // 40 IBU

Ensign - English IPA

This traditional style beer sits on a malty base of biscuit and caramel with a good dose of Fuggle hops giving this IPA a kick of floral, spice, mint and grass hop profile. 


6.5% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Support Your Local Brewery - Rye IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Support The Locals.

This brew is the stronger older sibling to our 137 - Rye Pale Ale. This beer is light bodied and dry, with a hint of spice from the rye malt. Hopped with Motueka so expect piney bitterness up front with notes of tropical fruit and citrus on the back end.


6.0% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Algonquin Straat - Belgian Pale Ale

This beer highlights the common malt and hop flavours often attributed to this style at a higher than average intensity relative to others in the style while the yeast-derived flavours play a secondary role in it's overall profile. You will find a quite flavourful malt forward body driven by Special Aromatic and Caramel Munich while balanced with a generous hopping of Celeia


5.3% alc./vol. // 25 IBU

Devil's Desert - Imperial Red

A simple but delicious American Northwest-inspired Red Ale. This beer is brewed with Red X malt for a solid, malty base and American Centennial hops for that classic Northwest-style hoppy kick.


7.5% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Over The Falls - New Zealand Pilsner

Over The Falls is our take on the New Zealand Pilsner. This beer leans towards a clean, crisp and hoppy German Pils and away from its malty and complex Czech counterpart. Brewed with Canadian Pilsen malt and New Zealand's Motueka hop, expect a clean fermentation profile with a medium-bodied bready and cracker-like malty base with a smooth bitterness and a bold, zesty hop profile reminiscent of tropical fruits, lemon and lime.


5.2% alc./vol. // 25 IBU

Lookout #3 - IPA

This American-style IPA is our outlet for exploring hop combinations from around the world. Each iteration will feature a different hop combination from one hop producing country. Each batch will be different. You will find this beer available on both pilot scale and production scale with anything from single-hopped iterations to complex hop blends but only from varieties originating from the same country.

#3 US hopped - Azacca


6.5% alc./vol. // 65 IBU

Long's Beach - California Common w/ Maple Syrup

Our California Common is a flavourful tribute to the style but with a Canadian twist! The Cali Common is an amber ale with a moderate yet balanced malt and hop profile that is fermented with a lager yeast strain at temperatures often used in ale ferments. Our version contains some very Canadian ingredients such as wheat, rye and maple syrup from Long's Maple Syrup in Trout Creek. 


5.3% alc./vol. // 40 IBU

Hose Tower - English Pale Mild

This English Pale Mild is toasty with a slight touch of caramel sweetness. The low abv and low hop bitterness make this a perfect session beer.


3.3% alc./vol. // 15 IBU

The Cove - Saison 45

'45' refers to the strength of our wort we have prepared in specific gravity units (1.045). Saison 45 has a simple yet flavour malt profile containing barley, wheat, rye and oats and has been minimally hopped to showcase the flavour profile of the saison yeast strain used. In this iteration, we have used Escarpment Laboratories' very own Jotunn Saison strain. Jotunn was developed by breeding a Saison strain with a Norwegian Kveik strain to create a unique saison-type flavour profile with pleasant fruitiness with a bit of spice.


5.1% alc./vol. // 20 IBU

South Valley - White IPA

White IPAs are a hybrid of a Belgian Witbier and an American IPA. This one has a whole lotta BRU-1 hops so expect a lot of pineapple!


6.1% alc./vol. // 55 IBU