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Lookout #3 - IPA

This American-style IPA is our outlet for exploring hop combinations from around the world. Each iteration will feature a different hop combination from one hop producing country. Each batch will be different. You will find this beer available on both pilot scale and production scale with anything from single-hopped iterations to complex hop blends but only from varieties originating from the same country.

#3 US hopped - Azacca


6.5% alc./vol. // 65 IBU

Adventure Bay - Peach Hard Seltzer

Peach flavoured hard sparkling water!


4.8% alc./vol.

Support Your Local Brewery - Rye IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Support The Locals.

This brew is the stronger older sibling to our 137 - Rye Pale Ale. This beer is light bodied and dry, with a hint of spice from the rye malt. Hopped with Motueka so expect piney bitterness up front with notes of tropical fruit and citrus on the back end.


6.0% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Real Love - Golden Lager

Real Love is a clean and crisp beer brewed in collaboration with North Bay Pride! This golden lager offers a toasty malt backbone with grassy and floral notes from Hersbrucker and Tettnang hops!


5.2% alc./vol. // 20 IBU

South Valley - White IPA

White IPAs are a hybrid of a Belgian Witbier and an American IPA. This one has a whole lotta BRU-1 hops so expect a lot of pineapple!


6.1% alc./vol. // 55 IBU

Electron Express - Brut IPA

The Brut IPA is a relatively new style in the craft beer world originating in San Francisco. Our brut IPA is brewed with Pilsner malt, flaked corn and rice to achieve a beer extremely light in colour, an enzyme to create an extremely dry body and additions of copious amounts Galaxy Hops to the late boil and dry hop to create an extremely aromatic beer.


6.5% alc./vol. // 25 IBU

777 Slightly Slanted - DDH Light Lager

This is an easy drinking American-style light lager with a subtle hoppy twist! This beer was brewed with Canadian Pilsner malt with flaked corn and flaked rice to lighten the body and colour, and fermented with our house lager strain. Prior to cold conditioning, we double dry hopped this light lager with Monroe to give subtle hints of red fruit/berry.


3.8% alc./vol. // 10 IBU